Solar Energy according to Verano Capital: “We understand what a solar project is from the beginning to the end”

Verano Capital’s CEO, Dylan Rudney, came to our country from California, United States to undertake a business in solar energy. “The good thing about Chile is that it allows for a very equal opportunity for all,” he said.

Tomás Sánchez, director of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile, invited Dylan Rudney for an interview during the Entrepreneur segment, who came to Chile from California to innovate the development of solar energy.

In this company they see everything related to renewable energy, particularly with solar energy.

“Our specialty is that we see the whole project, from finding land and negotiating the lease contract to operating and even helping the client sell or refinance a project”, Rudney said.

He said that within Verano Capital’s team “we understand what a solar project is from the beginning to the end and without much external consultants as we try to do everything within the internal team we have”.

Your experience in Chile

“It was not easy, it was a challenge and it has taken us years to form the structure that we have today. The most complex thing for us was the bureaucracy, there is a lot of paperwork involved in all our projects”, said the CEO of Verano Capital.

“The good thing about that structure in Chile is that it allows for an equal opportunity for everyone, that is, as a foreigner. There are no favors for local companies, so it helped us to have a fair competition with the local entrepreneurs because we all had to comply with the same regulations”, he added.

Dylan Rudney noted that “in the energy world, no one knows what is coming, what we do know is that every day renewable energy will become more competitive. The reality is that due to changes and technological improvements, the price continues to fall and will continue to do so”.

Watch the the whole interview below: