Mendoza signed agreement with Chinese province of Qinghai: 80% of its energy comes from sun and water

Governor Alfredo Cornejo met with the vice governor of Qinghai Province of China, Wang Liming, who arrived in Mendoza and was accompanied by representatives of his government as well as the company that supplies clean energy solutions, Spic. In the House of Government, they signed a memorandum of cooperation that will strengthen relations between the two countries.

The Minister of Government, Labor and Justice, Lisandro Nieri, was present at the meeting; the Undersecretary of Energy and Mining, Emilio Guiñazú, and the general director of the company Verano Capital, Ramiro Marquesini were also present.

“For Chinese businessmen it is very important that any business relationship between companies  start with a good relationship between the corresponding governments. Mendoza knows this and the Chinese market is one of its objectives, the Governments  work together with the entrepreneurs to help the projects come to fruition, “explained Emilio Guiñazú.

“The case of the company Verano Capital is an example of the need for this agreement to be signed to finalize the renewable energy project VeCaSo 1. The company, of US and Chinese capitals, have developed a project that will involve the generation of 100 megawatts in the area of ​​Cápiz,” they said from the government. They added that they are in talks of materializing this initiative.

“Mendoza and Qinghai have common areas to establish collaborative relationships. In terms of solar energy, we are already talking. We are hopeful that this project will prosper. We have ventured into solar energy and we believe that you have a lot to contribute and enrich us, “Cornejo said.

“Qinghai province has a reserve of 12 million kilowatts of energy. 80% of the energy comes from the sun and water. Between 2007 and 2018, all the use of light in the city came from renewable energy, being a record in the world. Less pollution for the world is one of our biggest objectives, “said Wang Liming.

Emilio Guiñazú said that “for Mendoza, the production of energy is one of the strategic vectors for growth in the future. Therefore, any investment that comes to this area is the focus of this Government. We will continue accompanying your effort to advance these projects. We hope in the future to continue offering investment opportunities in the sector.”