Argentina: three new Ronda 2 contracts signed for 300 MW

Yesterday, business shareholders of the solar projects La Pirka, Ullum X and Verano Capital Solar One celebrated their respective power supply agreements. Now, there are 68 signed Ronda 2 contracts, for a total of 1,608 MW.

Yesterday morning the Latin American Energy and Summer Capital companies signed contracts for energy supply (PPA, for its acronym in English) together with authorities of CAMMESA.

On the one hand, the international Latin American energy company signed contracts for La Pirka and Ullum X, of 100 MW each.

The first of the projects will be located in the town of Recreo, Province of Catamarca; while the second will be located in the city of Ullum, Province of San Juan.

On the other hand, the US capital company, Verano Capital, celebrated its awarded contract for the 100 MW Verano Capital Solar One project.

The solar photovoltaic park will be installed in the town of Agrelo, Province of Mendoza.

These three plants total 300 MW, and are added to the list of 65 projects awarded during the Ronda 2 of the Programa RenovAr, which have already signed their respective contracts. In total, the 68 projects total 1,608 MW.

It should be noted that 20 more contracts have yet to be signed, which will be signed between the months of November and December, according to each case.

You can download the projects here: Projects