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Verano Capital is an international energy company specializing in the development, construction, operation, maintenance and financing of renewable energy projects, particularly in Latin America.

Verano Capital is a vertically integrated company that participates in every stage of its renewable energy projects, from greenfield development, to financing, to construction, to operation, maintenance, and asset management.

  • Development
  • Financing
  • EPC
  • Operations & Maintenance


Since 2012 Verano has, successfully, developed more than 70 projects of which 25 are under operation and 15 under construction, totaling over 3 GW.

Verano develops greenfield projects, from site exploration to Ready to Build. Verano differentiates itself by developing viable, highly competitive, and strategically located projects.

It has a multidisciplinary and experienced team of engineers, lawyers, economists, environmental and electrical engineers.

Verano works simultaneously with several international funds to finance the development, construction, and operation of thousands of MW worldwide across the globe.

Verano has vast financing experience and has successfully raised more than USD$200 million for operating projects, and recently secured financing for another 800 MW to be built, representing approximately USD$500 million in clean energy investments.

Verano EPC has designed and built over 20 Solar Plants in Latin America with a total installed capacity of over 150 MWp.

In  2018 Verano Capital added sister company Verano EPC to design, procure, and build its own projects, allowing the company to bring ready-to-build projects to fully operational assets.

This line of business has experienced rapid growth since its creation, having completed EPC Projects throughout Chile and has recently grown to other Latin American markets such as Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina.

The veteran EPC team has an accumulated experience of more than 1.6 GW in the construction of renewable assets across the world. The team is composed of the following areas: 

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Health & Safety
  • Quality Assurance

Our objective is to guarantee the correct operation of the plant, focused on the analysis of variables, monthly preventive measures, and timely corrections.

 Our Objective is to guarantee the correct operation of the plant, focused on the analysis of variables, monthly and timely corrections.

When construction is completed, Verano EPC turns the operating plant to Verano O&M to operate and maintain the plant for a minimum of two years. During this stage, the O&M team guarantees the performance ratio (PR) previously agreed with the client. The interdisciplinary O&M team works relentlessly for a fluid plant operation, aiming to exceed guarantees offered to its clientes. It does this through real-time monitoring of all electrical and mechanical variables of solar generation systems. This allows O&M to detect and correct any failure or malfunction that could affect its performance as quickly as possible. Verano O&M operations more than 200 MW of operational plants, the largest being a 100 MW plant in Northern Argentina.

Verano's International portfolio that exceeds 3 GW of clean energy projects


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Community & Environment

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions for each region where its projects are located through clean energy generation (to date more than 1.3 million tons of CO2 reduction), Verano works with all local communities to generating voluntary commitments to improve local and national conditions.

Improvement of irrigation and agricultural systems for the community
Recycling and renewable energy training at Schools
Jobs for all the local communities