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Renewable Energy Development

Verano Capital was founded in 2012 to address the need of early stage investment and development of renewable energy projects in Latin America. Verano’s International team, advisory board, and affiliated companies, combine to create an interdisciplinary team with deep experience in all aspects of renewable energy projects from design, to financing, to construction, to asset management. Verano’s current focus is the Latin American market, particularly in Chile and Argentina.

Developing greenfield sites to shovel-ready projects has been Verano’s sweet-spot since its inception. Verano constantly has a portfolio of projects at different stages of development. Verano typically develops projects from a greenfield stage, although depending on the project is capable of acquiring projects already in development. Although Verano typically develops projects in-house, the Company also represents several local and foreign clients as an agent to identify and co-develop projects of different sizes, technologies, and locations depending on the need of the client.

Verano has an interdisciplinary team allowing project development to be completed entirely in-house. The development process starts at site identification using radiation, wind, and hydrology maps, combined with a local market assessment, local nodal pricing, land and mining studies, and transmission feasibility studies. From there, Verano uses its local team to narrow the search considering the project’s profitability using layered maps. When the site is selected, Verano’s legal team works diligently to secure the site with the minimum upfront payment and maximum protection to the investor while the engineering team designs projects and completes interconnection studies. The local team begins permitting and structuring financing as soon as the site is acquired. Verano’s team has successfully developed and sold or built five projects totaling 58 MW and is has another 14 projects totaling 240 MW under development.

  • Featured picture: Site Identified, Secured, Designed, & Sold by Verano Capital. Construction on 47 MW project to begin in 2016.

In 2014, Verano completed the construction of its first PV plant using in-house talent for all design, permitting, engineering, procurement, construction, construction management, and operations and maintenance. Depending on the size and location of the site, Verano either completes construction completely in-house, or works with one of several local construction partners as an EPCM or Balance of System (BOS) firm to deliver one all-in solution to the client. Regardless of final subcontractor (if applicable), Verano will always complete in-house independent engineering, equipment quality-audits, construction oversight, commissioning, and operations & maintenance internally to ensure world-class projects. Verano uses guarantees and its balance sheet to protect clients from CAPEX overages and to guarantee plant production.

Verano is technology agnostic and has worked with several manufacturers worldwide. Long-term relationships with certain equipment manufacturers and subcontractors, also allow Verano to finance part, or all, of the construction process depending on the final client’s balance sheet.

  • Featured Picture: RETC Solar, a project identified, designed, constructed, operated, and maintained by Verano Capital

Verano is constantly looking for new opportunities in the renewable energy space (solar & hydro). Typical investments are made in early to mid-stage projects, or distressed renewable energy assets. Whether through an outright acquisition, or via a partnership, all projects and structures are considered by the executive team. For project proposals, please contact us.

  • Featured Picture: 1,000 (2,500 acre) hectare site acquired by Verano. Construction is projected in 2016 for the Ready-to-Build project.

Based on Verano’s extensive experience, it comes easy to us to offer consulting to third parties the renewable energy field. Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

Legal – Corporate Law, Financial & Corporate Structuring & Due Diligence, Environmental & Permitting, Mining Rights & Protection, Local Representation for Foreign Entities.

Development – Site Identification & Due Diligence, Financial Support & Analysis, Project Management.

Technical – Engineering, Interconnection Approval (incl. electrical studies), Turnkey Construction & Construction Management, Operation & Maintenance, Administration & Compliance

  • Featured Picture: Verano's famous site search duo, Mr. Browne and the Red Dragon!

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